Missing Clement Thibodeau Search Updates

Search updates for Clement Thibodeau

4 weeks since since reported missing

It has been nearly four weeks since Father Clement Thiodeau has gone missing and a major search is still under way. Down East Emergency Medical Institute or DEEMI is conducting searches south of Lee in an area covering 300 square miles. The searches are being conducted in response to pings from the Lee tower that pointed in a southern direction 14 miles away. However, due to the signal strength, they are unable to determine an exact location. The car was equipped with “OnStar”, but had never been activated at the service end. Therefore, “OnStar” cannot communicate with the vehicle.


Father Clement Thibodeau
Father Clement Thibodeau
Thibodeau was last seen in Caribou on Saturday, July 15, 2017 and hasn't been seen since. Father Thibodeau operates a 2013 Chevy Equinox dark grey almost black in color with a dent in the passenger's side back bumper and significant hail damage to the hood with Maine license plate #638 A. He has been known to go to Canada to different churches. There have been some reports he was seen at a Catholic Church in Caribou July 15, 2017 at 4:00 P.M. He returned to his apartment after mass, but left again around 8:00 P.M. and hasn't been seen since. He also is called Clem by his family members and close friends.

What we do know is that Clement traveled from Caribou, Fort Fairfield, Danforth, Route 169 to Springfield, and Route 6 into Lee. From Lee, we don’t know exactly where he went. DEEMI Operations director, Richard Bowie, speculates that because of the signal strength and terrain, it is possible he may be closer to the Lee tower than the last ping recording shows.

The path clement initially took

The path Clement initially took As a priest of the Portland Diocese, Father Thibodeau has friends and acquaintances that extended as north as Fort Kent to as far south as Portland. Maine Missing Persons has assisted the family using the Open Source Intelligence framework to gather information on potential contacts of Clement’s in the Millinocket, Lincoln, and Danforth area. We are hoping to narrow down the search area by acquiring addresses for camps or other points that Clement may have tried to visit. Clement’s niece’s husband and daughter said that he was talking about taking a trip to Bangor at a recent gathering, but nobody else heard this.


The arch represents the sweep of the towers antennas, the bearing of this arch is thought to be the direction Clement went.

Currently DEEMI is conducting imaging missions using their Citabria aircraft, Drones, and Hummers. They are also currently seeking volunteers to canvas the Search area and as a result they have gotten a strong response to the community. Notably, members Penobscot Valley 4 Wheel Drive have participated in searching by Jeep– canvasing backroads and logging areas.


This is the most recent flight path DEEMI's plane took while searching.

If you have any information you would like to share, you can submit a tip to us, share it on the families facebook called Find Father Clement Thibodeau , or by contacting the Caribou Police Department– 207-493-3301.

Volunteers are needed by DEEMI

We have an all hands event, the missing priest (Find Father Clement Thibodeau on facebook ) is believed to be in the area to the northeast of Bangor MAINE marked by the waypoints -ANYONE who can go out this week or weekend let us know where your going and please make your jeep/camping event in this area. We are flying this mission today imaging the area of the last pings -admin 866-2109 Down East Emergency Medical Institute

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